The HarzCard is accepted:

Adults 6,00 €
Adult groups of 10 or more, per person 5,00 €
Reduced price
Children and young people up to 16 years, students, trainees, disabled
4,00 €
Adults and children up to 16 years
 16,00 €

For individual visitors, the ticket price includes an audio guide (for children and for adults), which guides you through the entire museum. At very busy times the number of audio guides may be insufficient. Therefore, the availability of an audio guide is not guaranteed.


Guided tours

At fixed times for individual visitors
Additional charge per person
(for families, a maximum of 3 people will be charged)
€ 2,00

Special guided tours

The price is calculated from the ticket price and a fixed total price for the guided tour. 

The prices for the specific tours can be found under the menu point Guided tours.

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